next level nutrition:

The 60 day Sugar reset program

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Reset your metabolism from the inside out.

how it works

Amelia's comprehensive nutrition program is designed with the long term in mind. This is no fad, extreme diet approach most trainers push. We help you achieve your long-term health and body composition goals by focusing on blood sugar balance, insulin sensitivity, and overall nutrient utilization efficiency.

You'll receive a detailed guide to the two 48 hr fasts, carefully curated meal plans, and access to our user-friendly app which allows us to provide valuable insights throughout the program. What sets us apart is our commitment to your success - we hold you accountable with weekly check-ins and personalized evaluations.

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* What's the deal with the fasts? How do they work?
The fasts are meant to fast track your insulin sensitivity and increase nutritional flexibility. There are 2 supplements I like that greatly support results & energy below.

* What is the cost of the program?
This program is very intensive. You will receive a lot of guidance and support in addition to all of the meal plans and the guide. The cost is $400/mo for the 60 days.

* How do I know what to do after the program or if life events come up?
I've got you! I will teach you different ways to incorporate other foods back into your diet & how to manage things like eating out & social events.

Let's do this!


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