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who is the pro-fit academy for?

The Pro-Fit Academy is a better way to transform your health!

As certified personal trainers, we became disillusioned by the traditional model of ONLY helping clients in the 1 hour time slot we saw them.

So, we combine online & in-person training (if applicable) along with nutrition & mindset coaching to truly LEVEL UP your health! Our mission is to coach you through a sustainable lifestyle transformation.

The Pro-Fit Academy has already helped dozens of men & women shed pounds, ditch restrictive diets, find joy in exercise again & release food-related anxiety.


Men & women fed up with being told to just eat less & exercise more. Tired of not knowing what to eat, how to exercise & how to build good habits.

to the process of true lifestyle change, not quick fixes or gimmicks. Want a proven roadmap and a deeper understanding of what's needed to truly change.

to make true change, to be coached & see changes. Ready for a whole new world of possibility!

If that's you....it's time to LEVEL UP!

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Healthy. Strong. Unstoppable.

Investing in your health is the best decision you'll ever make. Yet, we're all different – from the way you wake up in the morning, to the days you lead, to the ways you enjoy moving. That's why we offer a variety of services that can be individually tailored to meet you where you're at.  

Healthy & fit doesn't have to be boring!

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we're more than just a gym

Fitness isn't a one-size fits all endeavor. It's not a singular path. We're all different – from the way we wake up in the morning, to the days we lead, to the ways we enjoy moving. That's why we offer a variety of services that can be individually tailored to meet you where you're at. We don't expect you to lift above your range, exclusively consume protein, or take your body to unhealthy limits.

We do expect you to train hard, enhance the culture we've built, and laugh at Alberto's dad jokes.

about us

We're a self-proclaimed power couple. Not only because we run a business, but because we seriously train and embody what it means to level up. You'd be hard pressed to find a couple that can beat us in an arm-wrestling competition.

Our mission is simple: to make a positive impact on our community through accessible and impactful movement and nutrition. Pulling from our diverse and ever-evolving backgrounds, we're here to serve and grow with you.

Alberto Padilla

Founder + Strength Coach

Alberto Padilla is a dedicated nationally-certified Personal Trainer and Self-defense Instructor based in Portland, Oregon.

His passion for fitness has followed him throughout his life - from his childhood in Chicago, to his athletic endeavors in high school, intentional and explosive movement was Alberto's path. By the time he was a senior in High School, he realized that he could make a positive impact in people's life through fitness.

Alberto has served as a strength coach since 2009. He holds credentials as a PICP Level 2 Strength Coach, in TRX, and in Self Defense (JKD). Both driven and equally as dedicated, Alberto is on a mission to help people attain optimum health by providing results-driven methods that will put them on the fast lane towards success. When he isn’t training his clients, Alberto Padilla loves being in the great outdoors and spending quality time with his loved ones.

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amelia Padilla

Co-Founder + Strength Coach

Amelia embodies a passion for healthy living. From growing her own food, to studying biology and chemistry, she's dedicated her life to understanding the inexplicable link between a positive quality of life and health/fitness.

In Amelia's eyes, feeling strong is fun. Strength training is an amazing tool that anyone can use and alter to transform their body. She realized, from personal experience, that restricting calories and cardio-style training wasn't effective - if anything, it detracted from her health.

After having her son, Amelia leveled up. She began to participate and place in bodybuilding shows... all while juggling a full-time job and a toddler. She's a testament to finding balance between work, life, and play.

Amelia's focus is on growth and learning; becoming even more educated about nutrition and supplement, and how nutrition plans can be intelligently paired with private sessions to bring a client to their peak fitness.

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Lauren V.

I’ve been training with Alberto for a couple of years now. I was coming off a serious medical setback and looking to regain my strength and sense of control over my body and health.  Alberto’s been amazing at helping me work around various health issues while continuing to get stronger and keeping me motivated.  I never thought I’d be able to 1/3 of the things we’ve done together - he’s encouraging and knowledgeable, listens incredibly well, all while pushing you to achieve your personal best.  He’s just an awesome trainer and an awesome person!

Larissa Fransen

Alberto is an excellent trainer. He is super knowledgeable, takes the time to listen, and is encouraging and motivating. His sessions are fun and challenging, and I have noticed significant results from his workouts. He has helped me get strong after a nagging running injury, and I have learned how to work out with heavy weights in a way that is safe and effective for my body and my long term fitness goals. He's the best!

Bri P.

I have been training with Alberto for over a year now, and my experience has been a wonderful one. I went to him not really knowing what I wanted out of going to the gym. I just knew I was getting bored with my routine, and was needing to switch things up! Since then I have developed a better understanding of lifting and how to have good form. A great perk, of course, is getting/feeling stronger!I highly recommend Alberto to anyone who is in need of a trainer who cares, and knows exactly what he's doing and why! :)

Erica Ellingsen

Because of training with Alberto, I have seen significant improvements in my physical health and strength. Before I started training with him I had little to no muscle definition and now regularly get complimented on looking fit. Alberto is amazing at knowing how to push you in your ability range and by push, I mean nothing but positive reinforcement. He's a great listener, motivator, and is always considerate of how you are feeling each day you walk into the gym and trains accordingly. When I first started seeing Alberto I lived close to our gym. I have since moved further and but have no interest in changing to a closer gym because of how much I enjoy working with him.


Since I have been working with Alberto, my life has changed tremendously! I was looking for a personal trainer whose philosophy centered on a holistic approach to health: body, mind and spirit. Alberto's holistic approach informs his individualize strength training programs. He is attentive to form, technic, and possesses the wisdom to know when I am at my limit, and even then he challenges me to go a little bit further. Awesome! I don't try give excuses because he holds me accountable for my success.  I enjoy working with Alberto so much that I have moved from twice a week to four days a week.  If your goal is to get healthy, strong, and you want it bad enough, join the Strength Society!