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In person coaching is at our home studio in Milwaukie, Oregon
Or Join The Strength Society from anywhere!

online coaching group

If you've been trying to reach your goals on a training program that's not optimized to YOU & doesn't teach you how to properly progress and prevent injury, we bet you've been feeling like a hamster on his wheel - working hard but getting nowhere.

That's why we created THE STRENGTH SOCIETY coaching group. Check out this video about the group HERE. For just $30/mo you get ...

- All the support you need to create a custom nutrition & fitness plan that adapts to YOUR life & specific goals
- Access to coaches 24/7 to get questions answered & keep you accountable so you can start truly seeing results

Get the support you need for just $30/mo!

1-on-1 session

As a certified Poliquin Performance Specialist, I offer a personalized and highly effective approach to one-on-one personal training. I start by identifying your unique weak points and addressing muscular imbalances, I create a customized plan that lays a solid foundation for your success, ensuring you achieve the results you desire. My training methodology is rooted in scientifically-proven techniques and methodologies, guaranteeing optimal results.

With my coaching, you can have full confidence that you are receiving the highest quality guidance and support throughout your fitness journey. Together, we will work towards your goals, leveraging my expertise and your dedication to unlock your full potential. Experience the difference of personalized training and start transforming your fitness today.

Pricing starts at $400/mo. in-person.

I'm ready to make a CHANGE!

Custom training program via app

Level Up your fitness journey with our Online Strength Training Program!

Tired of generic workouts on social media that don't deliver results? Our program offers custom workouts tailored to your specific goals, tackling your fitness challenges head-on. Say goodbye to inconsistency – commit to progress with our three-month plan.

Track your gains and stay motivated with our user-friendly app. Unleash your inner powerhouse and put-in the work at your preferred training location– join us today and let's crush those goals together!
Custom Plans Start at $400

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